Does it matter if tile flooring is "through-body"

Does it matter if tile flooring is "through-body"

When floor tile is discussed, you may hear the term "through-body" and wonder what it means. You may also wonder if it matters whether your tile flooring has through-body attributes.

Through-body, tile describes products that have the same coloration, through and through. This isn't the same as the "color body" tile, which only applies to the glaze.

Facts you should know about these materials

Through-body, tile is also known as unglazed tile, with a composition that runs through the whole tile. One of the benefits is that it's less likely to shop scratches, abrasions, and chips.

You'll have great peace of mind with floor tile in high-traffic areas. But the floors are just as beneficial in low-traffic areas as well.

Does through-body composition matter?

It can matter if you have areas where scratches and chips are prone. These floors will make a big difference in the appearance of any room.

You'll enjoy beautiful visuals longer with this material in place. And you can match any decor scheme with visuals that have no limit.

All the benefits of tile flooring

No matter what tile flooring you choose, our tile store offers products with the same great benefits. Water resistance makes it an ideal choice for kitchens and bathrooms.

But you'll also appreciate the dense nature that stands well under heavy traffic. These floors can last more than 50 years and will serve you well the entire time.

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