Commercial flooring

Have a commercial flooring project? With America’s Finest Carpet, you can rest assured of quality workmanship & quality care.


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Market segments


Transportation / Automotive / Public venue

From aisles and entryways to seating areas and multipurpose rooms, you need practical commercial floors that will look good for years to come.

Hospitality / Hotel flooring

Highly practical commercial flooring from top brands you know and trust, professionally installed around your demanding schedule – experience the difference.

Education / Institutional flooring

We can help you choose a floor that keeps up with heavy foot traffic, stays within your tight budget and delivers long-term value for educational institutions.

Healthcare flooring

We offer cost-effective flooring solutions designed to meet the demanding office flooring needs of doctors, dentists and other healthcare professionals.

Retail flooring

From boutiques and shops to salons and fitness studios, retail flooring needs to be durable, stylish, and create the right look for your business.

Office flooring

From cubicles and meeting rooms to entrances and hallways, we’ll offer solutions that are durable, budget-friendly and low maintenance.

Property managers & home builders

America’s Finest Carpet Company knows that property managers and home builders have a unique set of challenges when it comes to finding the right flooring solution to install in their homes and communities. Property managers need stylish products that are both durable and long-lasting but are also quick and easy to install and replace. Homebuilders need flooring solutions that are not only stylish and durable but offer various options at every price level and are readily available.

In-stock products for property managers & home builders


Apartment & home rentals

America’s Finest Carpet Company knows that families can be pretty rough on floors. Whether it is the family pet or active children playing, our flooring portfolio has the right products to withstand even the toughest situations. Moving large appliances and heavy furniture are never fun activities, and the last thing you want to worry about is damaging the floor underneath. If you demand performance, durability, resistance to scratches & scuffs and long-lasting beauty we have what you are looking to install in your apartment buildings and rentals.

In-stock products for apartments & home rentals


Commercial blinds & window treatments

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In-stock commercial aluminum horizontial blinds 1″ & 2″


In-stock commercial white horizontal and vertical blinds